Exercising or not while in college is one determinant of the fitness habit you would carry on with you for the rest of your life. This is because, for the first time in your life, you are responsible for your health, well-being as well as your outlook to healthy living. Therefore, how you discipline yourself now despite busy schedules is very important. There are many reasons why exercising is important and some are mentioned on better health channel. But one major issue college students have to deal with is stress and exercise has been found to relieve stress and keep your mind clearer. However, as a college student, you probably do not have enough time and money to maintain a fit lifestyle then that is probably why you are here. Here are 8 tips you can follow that would greatly be of help.

1.Take that walk
Most times, the venue for lectures or the distance from your hostel to the school might require that you take a bus in order to get there on time. Why not get up earlier and take a walk or jog instead, or if the distance is much, take a stroll during lunchtime. This would not only be an instant calorie burner, it will also lower your blood pressure, and help you save transport money.

2.Opt for the healthier foods
The stress in addition to time constraint associated with being a college student makes one vulnerable to junks, fizzy drinks and greasy food because they are more convenient and gotten faster. This only does damage to your health and adds to your waistline. You can substitute these for fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season which can also fill you up. For time saving, get these fruits and vegetables from store branded frozen cans even at lower prices. Smoothies are also great options, as they are cheap, filling and handy.

3.Make use of free facilities
Every college have free sporting facilities for its students, they range from basketball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts etc. Make use of them as much as you can and with friends too. It is a fun plus cheap way of doing something fun and exercising your body too for free.

4.Create or join a running/jogging club
Sometimes, all that is needed is a little motivation, and that can be gotten from friends and colleagues aiming for the same fitness goals as you. Ask around for such clubs and if you cannot find, create one by bringing a few friends together and setting a particular period of time daily to run. Social media also help make this easy, as you can simply put up an advert on your page and get response from lots of friends and followers.
Go virtual!
Speaking of social media, it is a great tool in achieving your fitness goals on a budget as there are many fitness groups as well as social media pages that provide workout routines and meals plans that you can easily follow with the needed motivation and follow up. Also, free workout apps are available on the net like lose weight in 30 days and 7 minute workout and are great for squeezing in a hurried session at home. You can also download workout videos which you can follow at your leisure time. You can also save more time off academic work and investing it in keeping fit by going virtual with your assignments. Essaypro offers students writing services for a small amount of money and deliver your assignments on time.

5.Build your own gym at home
Basically, all you need are yoga mats, skipping rope, dumbbells, exercise balls etc., which do not cost much to purchase and are easy to store in the comfort of your student bedroom. And if you still would rather prefer not to invest in these equipment, running up and down the stairs, dancing, doing jumping jacks are also a great ways to workout at home.

6.Join the college sports team
This is more helpful if you are a sportsperson, and the college sports team usually involves swimming, volleyball, tennis, football etc. Rather than being just pre-occupied with academic work, let off some steam by doing what you love and naturally good at. You would end up achieving your fitness goals without even feeling like you are working out. Nevertheless, if you are new to sports, this option is also available for you as these teams are usually open to welcome and train new members as long as you can create little time for learning, it would be worth it.

7.Drink water…lots of it!
As much as you try to stay fit with all that have been mentioned above, whatever you are chucking down your throat is also as important and this is not just about the food you eat but what you drink. Replacing water with fizzy drinks like coke is common among college students. Make a conscious effort to take water instead as well as drinking enough.

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